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  • Cost

    • $1000 base or $1250 if new hardware is required to replace lost or broken dongles. This price is the same for both Porsche 9X2 and McLaren.

      • (McLaren Only) If Rolling Anti-Lag was not purchased originally and the new owner wishes to add it, it will be an additional $400. Rolling Anti-Lag is an optional feature.

  • What is included with Secondhand Calibration Support:

    • Updates to the latest features and engine safeties available for your vehicle.

      • Depending on the original calibration date this can include anything from M-Tuner v1 to v2 update to updated engine safeties.

    • (McLaren Only) One time adjustment to map slots to reorganize or add additional slots

      • For instance, the car was originally tuned for 93 octane in a different state and the new owner lives in a state that only has 91 octane. The map slots can be changed to accommodate this fuel change.

    • Ongoing troubleshooting or datalog review related to engine calibration.