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  1. Install the COBB Accessport and flash the closest applicable map. Please contact M-Engineering if you need assistance choosing a map or installing. Once the Accessport is installed on the vehicle, the device will have the known ROM ID for the vehicle’s specific ECU.

  2. Send the map you flashed on the car to your dedicated email chain or to You can retrieve the map file via Accessport Manager on your computer. It will be labeled as a “.ptm” file. A link to download Accessport Manager is here.

  3. M-Engineering will then email you back a “base map” to flash onto your vehicle. Using Accessport Manager, load the new map onto the device and flash the map onto the vehicle.

  4. Unless otherwise instructed, we simply need a 3rd gear pull, WOT (wide open throttle) all the way to redline while you datalog. Instructions on how to datalog are located here.

  5. Send us back the datalog from Accessport Manager, give us any feedback if needed, and we will then follow up with a revision. We will repeat this step until satisfied with the calibration results.