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M-Engineering is proud to offer Custom PDK Flashing for all 991.1, 991.2, 981, & 718 model Porsche cars. The Porsche PDK transmission, although amazingly advanced and complex for its time, can now be calibrated to add a slew of intricate features they did not come with from the original manufacturer, as well as custom tuning preferential items, such as shift points to cater to each individual user. Below is a list of features we are able to modify and cater specifically for your needs and/or wants. When ordering a PDK calibration from us you will be sent a questionnaire asking for details so we can cater the PDK calibration specifically for you and your vehicle.

Supported Vehicles

  • 991.1 Turbo / Turbo S

  • 991.1 Carrera

  • 991.1 GT3 / GT3 RS

  • 991.2 Turbo / Turbo S

  • 991.2 Carrera

  • 991.2 GT3 / GT3 RS

  • 991.2 GT2 RS

  • 991.2 GT2 RS Club Sport

  • 981 Cayman

  • 981 Boxster

  • 981 Cayman GT4 Club Sport

  • 718 Cayman

  • 718 Boxster

Calibratable & Custom Features:

titleCustom Shift Points in Different Drive Modes

While driving in automatic mode, upshift and downshift points can be catered to each individual drive mode. Normal, Sport, & Sport Plus modes can be set independently of each other. Simply let us know in the questionnaire what shift points you’d like. If you are unsure we can supply you with shift points we think you would enjoy and further enhance your driving experience.

titleClutch Pressure Adjustment

We can adjust the clutch pressures to increase the clamping force of the factory clutches. This feature is mainly aimed towards the Turbo / GT2 RS as well as the 981 Cayman/Boxster Engine swap crowd. Typically this is not a recommended feature unless you have noticeable clutch slip due to too much torque.

titleRace Start / Launch Control

Race Start RPM is fully adjustable and can be raised or lowered depending on your preferences. If you do not know what launch RPM, we can suggest a launch RPM based on your modifications and goals.

Race Start can also be added to Normal and Sport modes. This includes adding Race Starts to vehicles that did not come equipped with Sport Chrono. Normal and Sport Race Start can be set at a different RPM than Sport Plus.

titleShift Firmness

Shift firmness can be adjusted to change how direct the gear change feels. Higher shift firmness can also dissuade clutch slip in vehicles producing higher engine torque than stock

titleShift Speed

The quick shift speeds of the PDK can also be further reduced to an almost seamless gear transition. This is much more noticeable in the 991.1 & 981, however 991.2 and 718 also benefit from this feature although it may not be as apparent.

titlePaddle to Shift Time

The paddle to shift time in most PDK equipped cars leaves a bit to be desired and has lag from when the driver inputs the shift request to when the PDK actually makes the shifts. This value can be decreased in all cars with a noticeable impact.

titleContinuous Slip

Continuous Slip will cause the RPM to waiver as the clutch is not fully locked up while cruising. Eliminating continuous slip gives the driver a more direct feeling and takes out the lurch feeling some experience under light load and highway speeds.

titleIdle Creep

Idle Creep allows for the vehicle to slowly creep forward with out any input from the driver to the accelerator pedal. Similar to how a traditional auto moves forward when you release the brake. This can be turned off or on depending on your preference.

titleShift Stalk Engagement

The shift stalk is engaged in different ways depending on the Porsche model. In some models you pull back to downshift and push forward to upshift. In other models, it is reversed. We can set this up to your liking. Most drivers prefer to pull back to upshift and push forward to downshift, but we understand it is a personal preference and we can set it however you like.

titleDual Paddle Neutral

Dual Paddle Neutral allows the driver to engage both paddles to temporarily put the car in neutral while both paddles are held. This is primarily used for avid track guys who can engage both paddles in a spin to open the gear box in an attempt to keep the engine from spinning backwards.


The kickdown can be eliminated for those who like complete control. The kickdown is used in many cars to automatically upshift, even in manual mode, if the accelerator pedal is floored in a high gear at low RPM. Special care needs to be taken not to lug the car if the kickdown in disabled.

titlePDF Custom Calibration - PDK Questionnaire

When placing an order you will be asked to fill out this questionnaire so we can create a custom calibration specifically for you.

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namePDK Questionnaire.pdf