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  • Map Switching is easily done in a matter of seconds and can be done while the car is running!

  • To enter Map Switching mode a few conditions must be present

    • The vehicle must be in the neutral (N) gear position.

    • The vehicle must not be moving, speed must read 0 mph.

    • The engine must be running.

  • If the above entry conditions are met, you can use the cruise control stalk and engine tachometer to navigate map slots

    • Pushing cancel on the cruise control stalk (towards the dash) will enter map switching mode and display the current map slot on the dash (Map Slot 1 is 1000RPM, Map Slot 2 is 2000RPM, etc…).  Map switching mode will exit automatically after 2 seconds of inactivity.

      • Engine Speed on the tach will temporarily display or sweep to 0 RPM for .5 seconds when initially pushed.  This is by design and was made to help distinguish that Map Slot 1 is selected when the car is idling.

    • While in map switching mode pushing the cruise control stalk up (Set Speed +) will increase the map slot, as displayed on the tach.  Pushing the stalk down (Set Speed -) will decrease the map slot. 

    • Inactivity for more than 2 seconds after selecting your map slot will exit map switching mode. 

McLaren Map Switching video_Trim.mp4

Further Map Switching Info