Rolling Anti-Lag (ALS) - McLaren

Rolling Anti-Lag is designed for those who love to roll race! As roll racing increases in popularity so has the demand for features to accelerate quicker off from a roll. Think of it like a “rolling launch.” Rolling Anti-Lag is part of our M838T and M840T Motorsport Package and can be ProTuned for optimal results for your setup. Rolling Anti-Lag is quite effective at getting your car from a roll to full boost in milliseconds!



Rolling Anti-Lag Basics

  • To enter rolling anti lag you must meet the following entry requirements:

    • The vehicle must be going faster than 20mph (32kph) .

    • The vehicle must have an accelerator pedal position (APP) greater than 40%.

    • The engine must be above the engine speed limit (Minimum is 4250 RPM).

    • Cruise Control stalk pressed towards the dash (Cancel Position).

    • Rolling ALS should be used in ESC Dynamic mode.

    • Rolling ALS is best used in 2nd or 3rd gear.

    • Cruise Control system must be free of faults or errors.

Common Engagement Procedure

  1. Reach the speed you would like to engage Rolling Anti-Lag, keeping in mind the entry conditions above.

  2. Engage cruise control stalk into the cancel position.

  3. Floor the accelerator Pedal.

  4. Allow for boost to build for 2-4 seconds (Car will sound somewhat similar to when it is on launch control).

    1. Rolling ALS boost targets can be tuned independently for different map slots.

  5. Release cruise control stalk.

  6. Hang On!!!

Rolling Anti-Lag Activation Example

Further Rolling Anti-Lag Information

  • Anti-Lag can be damaging if abused. It can generate an excessive amount of heat in the exhaust system and negatively impact the lifespan of exhaust components if abused.

  • This feature is not for the street! This should be used during sanctioned racing events only.

  • If you are unsure of the mechanical state of your car please do not use this feature as it can make things worse.

Never let rolling anti lag distract you from operating your vehicle safely!

Thank you for purchasing McLaren Rolling Anti Lag written by M-Engineering!  Your purchase allows us to continue evolving the McLaren platform, pursuing exciting custom features and creating a more immersive driver experience!   Rolling Anti Lag is only available through authorized M-Engineering dealers.  For any questions or future feature requests please contact