Live Map Switching - McLaren

Live Map Switching is an end user feature by M-Engineering. Map Switching allows for the storage of up to 8 separate calibrations on the ecu at one time which can then be chosen on the fly, and with the engine running, by using the cruise control stalk in a matter of moments. No need to remove the ECU to reflash for calibrations optimized for higher octane. No longer will you need to drive around on race gas all the time if you have a calibration designed solely for 100+ Octane. A few simple flicks of the cruise control stalk can have you switching from your 93 octane file you drove to the track on, to your MS109/C16/VP Import file designed for the track!

Map Switching Basics

  • Map Switching is easily done in a matter of seconds and can be done while the car is running!

  • To enter Map Switching mode a few conditions must be present

    • The vehicle must be in the neutral (N) gear position.

    • The vehicle must not be moving, speed must read 0 mph.

    • The engine must be running.

  • If the above entry conditions are met, you can use the cruise control stalk and engine tachometer to navigate map slots

    • Pushing cancel on the cruise control stalk (towards the dash) will enter map switching mode and display the current map slot on the dash (Map Slot 1 is 1000RPM, Map Slot 2 is 2000RPM, etc…).  Map switching mode will exit automatically after 2 seconds of inactivity.

      • Engine Speed on the tach will temporarily display or sweep to 0 RPM for .5 seconds when initially pushed.  This is by design and was made to help distinguish that Map Slot 1 is selected when the car is idling.

    • While in map switching mode pushing the cruise control stalk up (Set Speed +) will increase the map slot, as displayed on the tach.  Pushing the stalk down (Set Speed -) will decrease the map slot. 

    • Inactivity for more than 2 seconds after selecting your map slot will exit map switching mode.


Further Map Switching Info

  • Map Slot selections will persist after keying off. 

    • e.g. If you shut the car down on map slot 2, it will remember the map slot indefinitely and resume in map slot 2 when you restart the car. 

  • Map Slots are often made with different octanes in mind.  Always pay close attention to which map slot you are in when changing fuels.  Never run a map slot designed for high octane fuel with a low octane fuel in the tank!  Higher octane fuel is generally more stable and resistant to knock.  Higher octane fuel allows for more boost pressure, advanced ignition timing, and leaner lambda targets than lower octane fuel.  Engine damage may occur if map switching is used improperly.   

  • You can always check the map slot simply by pushing cancel on the cruise control stalk (towards the dash) when in neutral and the vehicle is stopped.

  • The vehicle will not shift out of neutral (N) into Drive (D) or Reverse (R) while in map switching mode.  Always make sure you have ample time to switch maps responsibly.

Never let map switching distract you from operating your vehicle safely!

Thank you for purchasing McLaren Live Map Switching written by M-Engineering!  Your purchase allows us to continue evolving the McLaren platform, pursuing exciting custom features and creating a more immersive driver experience!   Map Switching is only available through authorized M-Engineering dealers.  For any questions or future feature requests please contact